Some of our applications heavily depend on the ActiveX controls. As Microsoft discontinued support for Internet Explorer, we give a try for Microsoft Edge.

  • Solution 1 : Using Microsoft Edge -> Settings -> Default browser

This method works fine. But the added links will expire within 30 days. I have about 25 links, so every month I have to re-add ( the expiry can be adjusted to 90 days)

  • Solution 2 : Using Enterprise Site List configured in Group Policy

We have tried as in the below link but it is not working. We also tried in a standalone PC which is not connected to our domain.


After trying Solution 2 and could not succeed we have reverted all the adjustment done. But now the solution 1 itself is not working. After adding the link to "Internet Explorer mode pages" and restarting the Edge browser, the link is cleared.

So what is the best option to use Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge in Windows 11.


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